about bytonic

bytonic is a software development team from Chemnitz (Germany). We are mainly focussed on the development of Java applications. Recently we have been successful in porting the Quake2 engine to Java which you can play online using webstart.


18 May 2006

  • bytonic at the Mobile Entertainment World China 2006: speech topic
    One Step Ahead - 3D Engines with J2ME” about chances and possibilities
    for the Open Source community

08 May 2006

  • Jake2 version 0.9.5 released

08 January 2006

  • new webstart version with lots of improvements
  • permanently running Jake2 server - play online!

26 May 2005

  • Jake2 version 0.9.4 with a lot of new features and improvements released

06 January 2005

09 September 2004

  • With the new Jake2 release 0.9.3 savegames are working. So you can take a break on your mission.

29 June 2004

  • The jogl team shows Jake2 at the JavaOne and the WWDC. Here are the slides of the jogl presentation at the JavaOne
  • new Jake2 release 0.9.2 provides massive performance boost and sound support

5 May 2004

  • Jake2 0.9.1 released (Java port of the Quake2 game engine)